My Father’s Many Lives read by Ani

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Listen to Ani read “My Father’s Many Lives”


Lieutenant Arnold in the Polish Russian Army

I previously posted the text of “My Father’s Many Lives,” which can be found HERE, along with a brief introduction.


Below you’ll find a recording of me reading the piece.   Just press play.  

Please share this recording with others who might enjoy it.  Here’s the link:



Ani Tuzman reading “My Father’s Many Lives”    

(c) Ani Tuzman 2013

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  1. Heidi Ehrenreich

    So Powerful Ani. Amazing story, writing, reading and father. Many blessings. Love, Heidi

    • Ani Tuzman

      Thank you, Heidi. I know that you have some amazing parent stories, some told and others still tucked away in the heart that I hope make their way out (if you want them to). Love, Ani

  2. Prajna Hallstrom

    Oh, Ani, this was so powerful when I read it and it is a hundred times more powerful with you reading it. Thank you so much. Sending love, Prajna

    • Ani Tuzman

      Prajna, first thank you for taking the time to listen. I know how busy we all are and just that means a lot. Thank you, also for your comments about the power of reading aloud. Truth is, I am very drawn to reading my writing——another way of giving voice that is both enjoyable for me and breaks the silence imposed on the little girl that I was for whom giving voice came to feel unsafe. Yeah, for all of us who are breaking through into new inner and outer territory! I know you always are, too.


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