Women 55-85 to Read Their Writing


November 2,   1:30


Munson Library
1046 South East Street
Amherst, MA. 01002


A heart with a voice is how one woman who will be reading described herself.  


There will be 9 hearts sharing their voices at the 2014 Dance of the Letters Women’s Reading.  We hope that those of you who are local will join and  share the word with others who may enjoy the truth, beauty, and humor that will grace this reading.


Our culture describes youth as the prime of our lives.  But there’s a more fulfilling prime many of us women over 55 are discovering as we ripen into the fullness of who we can be.


Creative expression is a form of play.  It’s key to living with vitality, purpose and joy in what has been called “the third act” of life.  But creativity in the form of giving voice also takes courage and the willingness to be vulnerable.


Dona Wheeler, one of the writers to read at the Munson, describes herself as “a heart with a voice.” Another writes in her poem, Beginner, which she will be reading at the Munson: “My words are shy…. We just met.  We are all blush and beginning…”


On November 2, these women will be sharing their authentic voices, wise hearts and spirited words.  Our hope is that this harvest of insight, beauty and humor will encourage other women to value and harvest their inner riches.


Peg Holcomb, 80, a member of the Friday Women’s Tribe, shares her experience of writing with other women:  “The power of coming together to harvest the wisdom of our hearts in written word is life-giving.  That is what happens in Ani’s little farmhouse at the edge of the great corn field with the long view to hills beyond: women together, speaking and listening, holding each others words in sacred space so as we might hear our own voices more clearly.”


On Sunday, November 2 at 1:30 in South Amherst with a view of different hills, the women’s writing circles will open to include all called to listen—and perhaps to hear their own voices more clearly.


At the event, there will be a drawing for a beautiful handmade Italian leather journal.