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Pre-Thanksgiving Nourishment for the Soul:

Take Your Creativity off the Back Burner and Cook up Something Fantastic!




Do you know what NaNoWriMo IS?    (Hint: it’s not a Native American word.)

Elana Writing

I first heard of NaNoWrimo from the teen writers who came every Thursday afternoon to cozy up here in the living room with the peach colored walls. The girls told me that NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and happens every November. People of all ages from all over the world take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.


Little revitalizes like creativity!  Do you want to play this November, too?!

You can choose any writing intention that tickles your creativity bone!


As one man said, “Did I write a good novel? Hell, no! I wrote a crappy one, but I wrote almost every day for a months and OMG what fun!”

If you’d like to be writing, this is a great time to dive in and take advantage of the global, playful momentum during this coming month. In addition, 30 days is said to be ideal amount of time for launching a new behavior or habit!


This isn’t about “shoulds” or adding more to your To Do list. This invitation is to play and, in the process, to reap the healing joys of writing.


You can choose to write a novel, if that sounds intriguing, or try whatever other kind of writing appeals to you.

Frame your intention in any way you wish that feels inviting to you: e.g., you might decide to write daily or a certain number of times weekly for 15 minutes (more or less). Write whatever flows through you or choose a particular focus or genre calls to you, e.g., writing a life review, letters, or poetry; trying your hand at blog posts, essays, or fiction; journaling more creatively, etc. There might be a book living in you like a hushed (or not so hushed) secret. What a great time to dive in!!!


If you feel inspired to play and write creatively this month, I’d love to support you!


I will send out a “SPARK A DAY*” in November, beginning with some tips for choosing your writing intention.  Sprinkled throughout will be inspiration about writing!


*Caution: Receiving a spark a day, does not mean you have to use it! You can adapt it, let it spark something else, tuck it away to spark you another time, or just ignore it.


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Please share the word and this invitation with friends and family members, including partners, daughters and sons. To engage creatively together is life-enhancing.


Nourish your soul before the Thanksgiving Feast.

Bring your creativity to the front burner and cook up something fantastic!

Ani Tuzman



Yours in the great joy of creating,